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can u recommend some fma blogs, i need to follow more gif makers

UHH well im not sure actually but if you go through this tag i’m sure you’ll find a lot of blogs to follow for fma gifs

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together at last

excuse me i have something important 2 add



hes here

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"Thank you for talking to me. I know everyone finds me really annoying. I know I put up a cutesy girl act but… When I’m in front of boys, I get so nervous, I just do it. But everyone puts on nice clothes and makeup to look good for other people, right ? So, I wonder, what’s the difference between that and me wanting boys to think I’m cute ?"

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for shingeki-no-fullmetal-alchemist

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Favorite Characters: 

Lucy Heartfilia "What I want isn’t money or pretty dresses, but a place that recognizes me as who I am. Fairy Tail is my other family, and it is a far more warming family than here!"

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Created by Ridz Patrick


Created by Ridz Patrick

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Survey the heavens… Open the heavens
All ye stars, far and wide
Shine unto me and show me your form.
Oh, Tetrabiblos… I am the ruler of the stars.
Aspect become complete… Open thy malevolent gate.
88 Stars of the heaven…
Urano Metria!!!

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